Morten Pedersen Quintet
Morten Pedersen 5tet is a new band on the European scene of free jazz and improvised music.
The bandleader, Morten Pedersen ( The Mighty Mouse, JapGaf, Maria Faust Group etc.)
has united a group of excellent musicians – five strong personalities gathered in this international
band with musicians from Norway, Poland, Italy, Sweden and Denmark.
The music is ethereal and a complex mix of composition and improvisation. The composed elements and strong melodies give the music a clear direction and a fresh sound, but still keeps the freedom and space for the musicians to improvise and go with their intuition.

New release out on Barefoot Records, 06 March 2017 Morten Pedersen 5tet “Sammensurium”

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Morten Pedersen – Piano
Johannes Nästesjö – Double bass
Håkon Berre – Drums
Tomasz Dabrowski – Trumpet
Francesco Bigoni – Saxophone & clarinet

The Quintet captured live at 5e, Copenhagen  –>

Håkon Berre
Håkon has established himself as one of the most interesting young drummers on the Danish scene
for improvised music. Having expanded the drumset with a diversity of trash ranging from ringing bells,tin plates and chains, to pot lids, tea towels, forks and chopsticks, Håkon has made collaborations with artists such as Peter Brötzmann, Phil Minton, Axel Dörner, John Tchicai, Kasper Tranberg, Peter Friis-Nielsen, Mikko Innanen, Petter Wettre, Stephan Meinberg, Liudas Mockunas, Fred Lonberg-Holm, and Sture Ericson

Johannes Nästesjö
Johannes works within the genre of modern jazz, improvised and contemporary music as a professional double-bass player and teacher. He has for the last years toured frequently in several different countries in Europe, as well as Vietnam, Gambia, Mali and USA and has appeared on over 20 recordings. During the last years he has been working with Tom Chant, Agustí Fernández, Joe Morris, Ramon Lopez, Marco Mesquida, Ramon Prats, Albert Cirera, Peter Nilsson, Hans Nyman, Mikael Sörensen & Vasco Trilla and many more.

Francesco Bigoni
Copenhagen bases italien saxophone player and composer. Member of the label/collective ILK ( Member of Gianluca Petrella Cosmic Band, which holds an intense live activity in the best Italian and European venues. Has played with artist such as Jim Black, Enrico Rava, Stefano Battaglia, Mark Solborg, Django Bates a.o.

Tomasz Dabrowski
Tomasz Dąbrowski is an award-winning trumpeter and composer. Tomasz plays trumpet and a vintage instrument he calls “Balkan horn”. His strong, instantly recognizable sound and expressive playing are inspired by free jazz, Eastern European folk music, and avant-garde music. For the last six years, while living in Denmark, Dąbrowski has worked and performed with some of the finest musicians: Pheeroan Aklaff, Aaron Parks, RJ Miller, AC, Cooper Moore, Kresten Osgood, Jacob Anderskov, Kasper Tranberg, Lotte Anker a.o.

Morten Pedersen
Danish pianist & composer and member of Barefoot Records. Morten is playing mostly in modernjazz and improv settings. Can be heard with bands like Maria Faust Group, The Mighty Mouse and the duo with Thommy Andersson.
Morten Pedersen’s playing is characterized by having a high level of energy and an uncompromising and highly personal approach to the music. Has played with artists such as Peter Friis Nielsen, Lisbeth Diers, Petter Wettre, Torben Snekkestad, Axel Dörner a.o.

Morten Pedersen 5tet (DK)

Morten Pedersen 5tet er et nyt band på den europæiske scene for freejazz og improvisation. Bandet ledes af Morten Pedersen ( The Mighty Mouse, JapGaf, Maria Faust Group etc.), der har samlet et hold af nyskabende musikere – alle med stærke musikalske personligheder. Et internationalt band med musikere fra Norge, Polen, Sverige, Italien og Danmark.
Musikken er æterisk og et komplekst mix imellem komposition og improvisation. Musikken er luftig med plads til, at hver musiker kan farve og forme materialet. De komponerede elementer i musikken bibeholder samtidig en klar retning og stærk sound, med inspiration fra tonean- givende grupper som Atomic og Anderskov Accident. Moderne nordisk jazz, hvor stærke melodier bliver blandet med åbne passager og drager lytteren med ind i et univers, hvor alt kan ske

Ny udgivelse ude på Barefoot Records : Morten Pedersen 5tet “Sammensurium”

Line up:

Morten Pedersen – Klaver
Johannes Nästesjö – Kontrabas
Håkon Berre – Trommer
Tomasz Dabrowski – Trompet
Francesco Bigoni – Saxofon & klarinet